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Balblair Scotch Whisky Review

Balblair Scotch whisky distillery is the second oldest working distillery in Scotland. It is situated on the Dornoch Firth, one of the most stunning scenic areas of Scotland. The area is known as the 'parish of the peats' whilst the name Balblair means battlefield or town of the plain.


The distillery has two pot still capable of producing approximately 1.4 million litres of whisky a year. The water is drawn from the Ault Dearg burn which originates in the Struie hill.


In 1996 Balblair was purchased by Inver House Distillers.



Balblair Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Soft and delicate dried and citric fruit aromas, honey and vanilla.

Palate :    Full bodied. Toffee, vanilla, intricate fruit, touch of spice.

Finish :    Long, complex, rich and very smooth.



Balblair 2005


Nose   :  Fresh green apples, leather and oranges, ground spices, vanilla and  

              honey. Slightly floral.    

Palate : Orange citrus followed by intense sweetness of toffee and vanilla.

Finish : Long and complex with a touch of spice




Balblair 2000


Nose :      Intense tropical fruit with a touch of vanilla.

Palate :    Nice spicy mouth feel mingled with pineapple and banana.

Finish :    Light and fruity.



Balblair 1997


Nose :      Delicate fruit aromas, lemon, apricot and pineapple.

Palate :    Soft vanilla oak, raisins and spices.

Finish :    Long, smooth and creamy.



Balblair 1989


Nose :      Dried fruit, toffee apples, lemons and banana.

Palate :    Rich spiciness, raisins and a touch of honey.

Finish :    Long, smooth and complex.



Balblair 1979


Nose :      Toffee, honey, vanilla and oranges.

Palate :    Smooth vanilla and gentle spice.

Finish :    Long, smooth and complex.


Balblair Scotch Whisky Balblair 1997 Single Malt Whisky Balblair 1979 Single Malt Whisky Balblair Single Malt Scotch Whisky











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