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Campbeltown at the southern end of the Mull of Kintyre once boasted 32 distilleries when a regular flow of steamships made this isolated part of Scotland a lot more accessible than it is today.


Now not even a handful survive, however a revival in single malts has seen the re-opening of Glen Scotia Distillery, and the resurrection of Glengyle Distillery by the owners of Springbank Distillery.


The scotch whisky from Campbeltown, like Islay is heavily influenced by peat and its coastal setting. With its distinct briney taste Springbank is by far the best known of this regions malts.

Under different names Springbank produces three peat levels.

Hazelburn   un-peated

Springbank  medium peat

Longrow      heavily peated


Glengyle Glen Scotia Hazelburn Kilkerran Longrow Springbank