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Caperdonich Scotch Whisky Review

Caperdonich Scotch whisky distillery was built by Major Grant in1898 as an annex to the Glen Grant Distillery in order to satisfy the increasing demand during the whisky boom of the 1890’s.


The name Caperdonich means ‘the secret well’ in Gaelic but the distillery was commonly known as Glen Grant Number 2.


One unusual feature of the distillery was that Customs & Excise insisted that the spirit be piped over the road to Glen Grant Number 1, which was located directly across the street. This pipe became famous as the 'whisky pipe' and it was not unknown for the locals to drill holes in the pipe to release some spirit.


The distillery’s early production life was short lived and in 1902 Caperdonich was closed down. With most of the distilling equipment transferred across the road to the main Glen Grant distillery as spares.


The collapse of the merchants firm of Pattisons of Leith in 1898 contributed to a general slow down in the industry. During this period the number of operating distilleries in Scotland fell from a high of 191 in 1898 to a low of 132 in 1908


In 1965, after a very lengthy silent period of nearly 65 years, the Glenlivet & Glen Grant Distillers Ltd rebuilt Caperdonich and in its first year produced 350,000 gallons of spirit.


Two years later the distillery was expanded by the installation of two new steam heated pot stills, (Making four Stills) an up to date tun room and the latest operating technology. This allowed the distillery to be operated by a staff of only two.


Approximately a third of the malt required was produced at Glen Grant and the remainder was brought in. The distillery was taken over by Seagram's of Canada Limited in 1977. The distillery was mothballed in 2002.



Caperdonich Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Fresh, grassy, spicy.

Palate :    Sweet and oaky, dates and raisins.

Finish :    Hot and spicy.


Caperdonich 1968 Scotch Whisky Caperdonich Single Malt Whisky