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Cardhu Scotch Whisky Review

Cardhu Scotch whisky distillery, originally known as Cardow (Gaelic for “black rock”) sits on a small hill that looks out over Ben Rinnes.


Most of the single malt from Cardhu goes to Spain, France, Greece and Portugal where demand outstrips supply, some  is used for blending in Johnnie Walker whiskies, and a small amount finds its way into the UK.


Cardhu Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Floral, herbal, honey, fresh.

Palate :    Honey, vanilla, sweet and clean.

Finish :    Vanilla, honey, malty.

                 A very easy drinking dram.



Cardhu 12 year old 40%


Nose :    Very clean and slightly floral with a hint of

                apples and pears.

Palate :  Sweet vanilla, fruit, honey and nuts.

Finish :  Crisp and clean vanilla and honey.


Cardhu single malt whisky Cardhu Single Malt Whisky Distillery Cardhu Single Malt from the 1980s



Cardhu 27 year old Rare Malts Selection