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Dalwhinnie Scotch Whisky Review

 Dalwhinnie Scotch whisky distillery is the highest in altitude of the Scottish distilleries at, 1057 feet above sea-level, the pure abundant water from the Lochan an Doirre-uaine high in the mountains, an ample supply of peat, and good communications by road and rail, were deciding factors in building the distillery at Dalwhinnie in 1898.


In the early 1930's Dalwhinnie was still untouched by many of the services of the 20th Century. There were no telephone and electricity connections in the village, paraffin lamps illuminated the distillery and equipment was powered by steam engines. However in 1934, a severe fire caused extensive damage. The distillery was rebuilt and refitted, and opened in 1938, only to shut down again during the Second World War as a result of Government restrictions to conserve barley for food supplies.


Dalwhinnie was refitted again in the 1960's and the malt barns were converted to warehousing in 1979. British Rail closed the private railway siding in 1979, and a new stretch of the A9 bypassed the village and the distillery.



Dalwhinnie Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Delicate, floral, grass, slightest trace of peat.

Palate :    Very smooth, heather, honey, slightly grassy, barley sugar.

Finish :    Incredibly long complex finish.




Dalwhinnie 15 year old


Nose :      Delicate, grassy and heathery, a touch of honey and a whiff

                of  peat.

Palate :    Very smooth, malty sweetness, heather, honey and soft peat.

Finish :    Incredibly long complex finish.



Dalwhinnie  Double Matured in Oloroso Casks


Nose :      Sherried and malty.

Palate :    Smooth with toffee, honey and vanilla, sweet and citric.

                Light peat.

Finish :    Very long grassy finish.






Dalwhinnie single malt whisky Dalwhinnie single malt whisky







Dalwhinnie 20 year old Managers Choice