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Glenburgie Scotch Whisky Review

Glenburgie Scotch whisky distillery lies between Elgin and Forres at the watershed of the Findhorn and was founded in 1829 by William Paul.


William Paul remained the owner of the distillery up to its closure in 1870. Until then the distillery was called Kilnflat. In 1878 the distillery was reopened and renamed Glenburgie with Charles Hay as manager.


During 1958 two Lomond pattern stills where added. These stills, known as Glencraig, allowed the distillery to produce two different whiskies. The Glenburgie, from the traditional pot stills. Glencraig from the Lomond stills.


Some Glencraig can still be found however it cannot be distilled again as in 1981 the Lomond Stills were replaced by a pair of conventional pot stills.


The whisky from the Glenburgie Distillery is an important component of Ballantine’s blends.



Glenburgie Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Dried fruit.

Palate :   Firm texture with an oily mouth feel. Citric fruit, especially oranges, nuts,

                 toffee, vanilla.                              

Finish :    Spicy and herbal.



Glenburgie single malt whisky



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