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Glencadam Scotch Whisky Review

Glencadam Scotch whisky distillery was founded in 1825 located in a steeply sided glen on what was the site of a previous illicit still. The first listed owner was David Scott 1827 until 1837.A progression of un-named owners followed.


At some point in 1891 the distillery was sold to the Glaswegian Blenders Gilmour, Thompson & Co. Ltd, who used the malt whisky produced in their Royal Blend, a favourite of King Edward VII.


During 1954 the distillery was acquired by Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd, who consequently became part of Allied Domeq, they renovated the distillery in 1959.


The distillery was mothballed by operators Allied Distillers due to over-production in 2000 and purchased by Angus Dundee plc three years later.


Although the distillery has had a high turnover in owners over the years, this seems to have indicated continued interest in working it.

Certainly there were no lengthy periods during which Glencadam

was out of production.



Glencadam Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Fragrant, flowery and clean.

Palate :    Full bodied. Barley sugars, creamy and malty.

Finish :    Long and satisfying with citric fruit.


Glencadam Oloroso Finish Single Malt Whisky