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Glendronach Scotch Whisky Review

Glendronach Scotch whisky distillery is set among the gentle rolling countryside of the Forgue Valley in Aberdeenshire’s ‘castle country’. The Dronac burn flows through the grounds the water source is a spring east of the distillery.


A James Allardes and a consortium of farmers and businessmen founded the distillery in 1826. Walter Scott acquired and enlarged the distillery in 1881. In 1920 Captain Charles Grant son of William Grant the founder of Glenfiddich distillery bought Glendronach. It remained with the Grant family until it was sold to William Teachers & Sons Ltd in 1960.


In 1976 William Teachers & Sons Ltd joined Allied Breweries and became known as Allied Distillers Ltd.


In 1996 the distillery was mothballed until reopening in May 2002. Prior to this maturation had almost always taken place in 100% sherry casks, finally changing to a combination of sherry and bourbon casks with the introduction of the 12 year old. After the reopening all maturation has been with bourbon casks.


In 2008 Glendronach distillery was bought from Pernod Ricard by the Benriach Distillery Co.



Glendronach Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


The 100% sherry cask

Nose :      Furniture polish, dried fruits, toffee and fudge. A whiff of smoke.

Palate :    A deep rich smooth body, sweet fruit cake flavours, toffee and malty.

Finish :    Dry, Bitter chocolate.



Glendronach 12 year old    "Original"  43%


Nose    :  Rich, sherried fruit cake, vanilla and a hint of smoke.

Palate  :  The fruit cake is replicated on the palate with a good sprikling of

                roasted almonds, glazed cherries and spices.

Finish   : Smooth, drying and gently smoky.



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