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Glenfarclas Scotch Whisky Review

Glenfarclas Scotch whisky distillery was established in 1836 by Robert Hay.

The present days chairman’s great-great grandfather, John Grant was born in 1805 at the family farm of Lynbeg in the heart of Speyside, John Grant became a highly successful farmer, owning several farms in the area and breeding champion Aberdeen Angus cattle So it was only natural for him to be interested in the Rechlerich Farm, on the Ballindalloch Estate, when it became vacant in 1865.



Glenfarclas Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Intense, raisins, oranges, nuts, fudge.

Palate :    Full bodied, rich, big and fruity, honey.

Finish :    All the above.




Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength Whisky Glenfarclas 21 year old single malt whisky