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Glenglassaugh Scotch Whisky Review

Glenglassaugh Scotch whisky distillery was built in 1874 at Craig mills farm, Portsoy, Aberdeenshire.


Production in 1898 was 110,000 gallons but fell back with the decline in demand to 28,000 gallons in 1907 and as a result the plant was mothballed in 1908.


The distillery was briefly reopened in 1931 however was mothballed again in 1936. The distillery was completely renovated and re-equipped over the1956 to 60. period.


The distillery was mothballed again in 1986, as the demand for this particular whisky was low, though the warehouses continued to be used for maturing stock.


The distillery was bought in 2008 by The Scaent Group and brought back to life with a New Make Spirit released in 2009.


 Revival the first whisky from the new distillery is released in 2012.





Glenglassaugh Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      A whiff of sea breeze and intricate citrus fruit.

Palate :    Rich and fruity, especially oranges, raisins, spices.

                  A warming maltiness.

Finish :    Long and luxurious.




Glenglassaugh     Revival   46%


Nose   :     Young and sweet with creamy caramel toffee, honey and nuts.

Palate :     More toffee caramel interlaced with orange marmalade,

                  fruit cake and sherry notes.

Finish  :     Caramel and spice.




Glenglassaugh     Torfa   50%


Nose   :     Wafts of sweet bonfire smoke, citrus and ginger.

Palate :     Maritime style saltiness, gentle smoke, orange marmalade,

                  honey and digestive biscuits.

Finish  :     Lingering smoke and spice.




Glenglassaugh   30 year old    44.8%


Nose    :  Rich spicy fruit cake and sherry notes.

Palate  :  Sweet and rich with good balance of orange and dried fruits,

                toffee, spice and dark chocolate.

Finish   :  Rich, velvety  and gently spiced.





Glenglassaugh single malt whisky Glenglassaugh Revival Single Malt Scotch Whisky



Glenglassaugh 26 year old Whisky Decanter Glenglassaugh Manager's Legacy





Glenglassaugh Torfa richly peated single malt whisky



Glenglassaugh 30 year old tear drop decanter Glenglassaugh 20 year old 1986 single malt whisky