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Glenturret Scotch Whisky Review

Glenturret Scotch whisky distillery is situated north of Crieff. An account of 1717 speaks of numerous bothies with their illicit stills in Glen Turret; the area was an ideal location for the distillers and smugglers of the time. The first proper single malt distillery on the site was established in 1775, using the pure waters of The Turret Burn and traditional farm distillation methods and equipment.


As with all Scottish distilleries the downturn in the market when prohibition was introduced in to the United States (1920), was responsible for a drastic drop in sales, and the distillery fell silent in 1921.


James Fairlie purchased the Glenturret Distillery in 1957, the long closure and neglect caused considerable dilapidation to the distillery. However he began its revival and by June 1960, whisky was again in production and used to supply blenders.


During the 1970’s the company decided to lay down spirit for eventual sale as a single malt of varying maturity. Storing the whisky over longer periods of time strained the company finances. In 1981, one of Glenturrets’ customers, Cointreau et Cie, came to the rescue with an attractive take over offer. Under their ownership they invested and expanded the distillery.



Glenturret Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Floral, grassy, creamy.

Palate :    Light to medium bodied. Smooth with honey and vanilla.

Finish :    Long with toffee and honey.



Glenturret  8 year old


Nose :      Citric with cut hay and a touch of honey.

Palate :    Citrus fruit, honey and vanilla.

Finish :    Long, delicate and floral.



Glenturret 10 year old


Nose :      Sweet, creamy, spicy with a slight hint of peat.

Palate :    Delicate oiliness, oranges, honey and vanilla.

Finish :    Long with toffee and honey.



Glenturret Scotch Whisky