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Glenugie Scotch Whisky Review

Glenugie Scotch whisky distillery was established in 1834 by Donald McLeod & Co and was originally called Invernettie.


The distillery was converted into a brewery in 1837. Scottish Highland Distillers Co Ltd. rebuilt the distillery in 1875. Despite investment Scottish Highland Distillers became insolvent and was wound up in 1879. The next owner, George Whyte & Co had no more success and was sequestered in 1882.


The distillery was purchased in 1884 by Simon Forbes who operated it until 1915. The distillery was silent for much of WWI and opened briefly 1923-24 seasons as Glenugie Distillery Ltd then was silent again 1925 to 1937, when it was reopened by Seagar Evans & Co Ltd.


In 1956 Scheney International acquired Seagar Evans & Co Ltd and invested heavily in equipment. Replacing the coal fired boiler with an oil system. A pair of new stills with condensers was installed, which meant a doubling in production. This strained the warehouses to capacity, the solution was found by discontinuing on site malting and the malt house was converted to warehouse space.


Glenugie finally closed in 1983. The distillery was dismantled and the premises were taken over by an engineering firm that came with the oil boom.




Glenugie Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Floral, citric fruits, sweet shop.

Palate :    Light to medium bodied. Creamy, malty,

                  gentle vanilla.

Finish :    Light with a touch of spice and soft vanilla.


Glenugie Scotch Whisky