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The little island of Islay of the west coast of Scotland has always qualified as a region in its own right, having several working distilleries and a style usually associated with whiskies of a very peaty nature.


The single malt whisky of this region range from the lightly salted Bunnahabhain Distillery to the big smoky Bowmore, the oily seaweedy  flavours of Caol Ila, the medicinal flavours of Laphroaig and the heavily peated Ardbeg.


The tastes can range from the medicinal, earthy, briny, smoky and phenolic to viscose and sweet.

Ardbeg Bowmore Bruichladdich Bunnahabhain Caol Ila Kilchoman Lagavulin Laphroaig Port Ellen Mystery Blended or Vatted Islay Malt Whisky