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Miltonduff Scotch Whisky Review

Miltonduff Scotch whisky distillery was established in 1824 by Andrew Peary & Robert Bain. Miltonduff was amongst the first officially licensed distilleries.


The distillery is situated close to the famous Pluscarden Abbey – said to have at one time produced the finest ale in Scotland. This was attributed to the waters being drawn from the Black Burn that had been blessed by a Saintly abbot in the 15th century.


At some stage in 1964 two Lomond type stills added for production of a spirit referred to as “Mosstowie”. The malt produced from Mosstowie was similar to Miltonduff but much heavier, oilier and smokier.


In 1981 the Lomond stills were dismantled and replaced with two ordinary pot stills


The majority of Miltonduff whisky finds its way into Ballantine blends.


Miltonduff Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Lightly peated.

Palate :    Light to medium bodied. Smooth and sweet with plenty

                  of malt, orange and vanilla.

Finish :    Complex, sweet, toffees.

Miltonduff single malt whisky