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Pittyvaich Scotch Whisky Review

Pittyvaich Scotch whisky distillery was built in 1975 by Bells, for their blends


The distillery was located in the Dullan Glen close to Mortlach church and next to the Dufftown distillery. The distillery was equipped with four stills that were exact replicas of those in its older neighbour.


United Distillers released the official Flora & Fauna bottling in 1991 but then mothballed the distillery in 1993.


The Pittyvaich distillery operated for less than two decades and was finally demolished in 2002.



Pittyvaich Whisky Tasting Notes


Distillery Style


Nose :      Spiky, spirity, acetone, perfumed.

Palate :    Hot and burning. Fruit and vanilla.

Finish :    Very dry.


Pittyvaich single malt whisky